Monday, February 1, 2010

Weird Bumps On My Foot

Yesterday morning I woke up with 2 really weird looking shiny, red bumps on my left foot. Now there must be a connection to what happened the night prior. I was getting dinner ready when suddenly I had a huge hive form on my lip. It was so big that it was actually difficult to talk and eat without hitting it! I thought it was really odd, but went to sleep and then woke up to the bumps on my foot...LOL

We will see what happens here. They are not itchy at all, but I guess slightly painful and they look really really shiny. If they dont' go away within a week I'll be calling that dermatologist I saw a few years back for my hair. She sucked, but at least she knows her stuff and can give me a proper diagnosis. I'm hoping it's just a fungus or something stupid that will go away with some cream.

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