Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Good And The Bad

Sigh...I have been feeling really terrible these past few days. Just weird aches, dizziness, sudden nausea and headaches. I'm not sure why.

I decided to start up again on the DMSA since I accidentally missed a dose the other night. Hopefully I can get rid of some of the mercury that got stuck in my body since I didn't do the full 4 days.

I finally had my hair cut and it looks great! I just got the ends trimmed and a few layers put in, so it adds more volume. It was even cut parted to the side, so I can hide the hair loss even easier now!

The bad news is that I lost more hair in these past few days. There is a tiny spot near my ear that is bald again. UGH...I just hope it doesn't spread to other areas.

I even took my desmopressin today. It's just a bad day all around.

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imgeha said...

Hope you are feeling better now. Two and a half years after amalgam removal and many many rounds of DMSA / ALA I can honestly say that recovery is not linear. It is very much up and down (for me anyway - I was / am very poisoned). I have had times when I felt better than I do now. It is discouraging but the trend is definitely up. The first months after amalgam removal were hell for me - all my symptoms went completely crazy, but I didn't use DMSA because I was already feeling so bad. Keep chelating - you will see improvement. Good luck!