Friday, October 31, 2008

Mineral Deficiencies Exaggerated While Detoxing

My mineral deficiencies are coming back full force. I guess it must be because the mercury is pulling good minerals out with it.

My muscles are trembling. If I sit my leg up, it beings to shake erratically. It looks like Parkinson's...So I am betting it is my potassium levels. They are ALWAYS low. When I was 18, I went to the ER for lower back pain. Well I found out I had a possible kidney stone and kidney infection. While I was there they did a bunch of blood work and my potassium was very low. I'll never forget what the nurse told me, "Your potassium levels are about as low as we'd expect a 90 year olds to be." I was shocked and asked her what type of symptoms this would cause and she said weakness in the muscles and tremors. I thought to I do have that sometimes! I was a young PUNK though with a terrible diet and sleeping schedule. Working 40 hours a week and school for 20 hours a week. I was an insanely busy person.

My potassium has been low forever. As long as I can remember when I've had blood work done. The last time I had a BMP (basic metabolic panel) drawn was 2 months ago and once again, low potassium serum of 3.4 This week I've been doing more research and it keeps coming back to my pituitary. Maybe I can nudge Dr. Goldstein to do a CMP (complete metabolic panel) to see what else is going on with my blood cell count. My white blood cells have been chronically low for about 3 years. I think if I mention the fact I'm using DMSA, he'll agree to it.

Anyway back to the potassium. Low potassium can be a sign of secondary-adrenal insufficiency. I actually read this on page 119 of Dr. Cutler's book, Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment. Well I started this blog with the notion that I had primary adrenal insufficiency. This week I'm starting to wonder if it is secondary caused by my under performing pituitary. If my pituitary is not telling my adrenals to make cortisol what other organs and glands are suffering?

We know it isn't making ADH (antidiuretic hormone), which is why I was diagnosed with Diabetes Insipidus. Your pituitary is one of the powerhouses of your body's hormone.

The Anterior side of the pituitary controls ACTH (adrenals), TSH(thyroid), PRL(lactation while pregnant), GH (growth hormone, endoriphins, FSH(reproductive system), and LH(triggers ovulation in women).
The Posterior side of the pituitary controls, ADH(tells your body to conserver water) and Oxytocin(allows for body to begin labor in childbirth).

I am definitely oversimpling but it gives you an idea how important it is. Mine is FULL of mercury, which is what's screwing it up. I wonder how many other people with weird idiopathic pituitary problems are just mercury poisoned...

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