Saturday, November 1, 2008

Breaks Are Terrible

If I could take DMSA indefinitely I would. It is not advised though because you could hurt yourself (possible liver damage) and you'd be extremely tired from interrupting your sleep cycle every night.

Here's another break in the detox and I feel like hell. I don't have hives, thank goodness, , but those same places are itchy and have been for a few days. Early this morning I felt good. We went to the mall and walked around at a few new stores that opened last week. But on our way home I began to feel terrible. A severe headache set in and I took a very long "nap". If you want to call it that.

Recently the night sweats have kicked back in too. I had them MANY months ago for a few weeks, but they went away. It seems they are back and it is frustrating. The past two nights I have been waking up with sweat pouring off my back. Now this symptom is likely from the diabetes insipidus, but that is probably caused from mercury toxicity.

It just seems like the sky is falling when I'm off the DMSA. I feel depressed and feel terrible. Then as soon as I get back on it, things look so good. I feel more optimistic and happy. I still have a few more days until I can start back up again...

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InalienableWrights said...


I see this is an old post are you still chelating? I just started with Cutlers protocol and have had itchy rashes and hives. The hives on round and the itchy rash off round. But then again it may have been the HC for adrenal support that I was tinkering with. Love to hear from you.