Friday, November 14, 2008

Dreams That Show You the Future

Today I need a little break from the mercury talk.

Have any of you had dreams that foreshadow events?...I have had them in various times in my life. One of the earliest I can remember was when I was 13 or 14. It was a dream where my Grandmother, Grandfather and Uncle were in a room together. Now my grandmother had already died, but my grandfather and Uncle were still alive. In my dream I was told that both of them would die soon. I could not talk to them, but I knew they were "ghostly" and not in the same world as me. The dream woke me up from sleep and was rather frightening.

About a year later my uncle died suddenly from a heart attack. Then a few years after that my grandfather. My grandfather wasn't in good health, so that wasn't a shocker, but my uncle died around the age of 54. It was very very sudden. We got that terrible phone call at 5:30 AM on a school morning. I'll never forget how traumatic that was to me.

I've been having these dreams again. This time they are about my neighbor. A few months ago, I had another dream that caused me concern. In my dream, I went over to their house, banged on the door and someone different answered the door. I asked, "Is Ken here" and the person said oh they sold their house. They no longer live here. I thought that was really strange because he built that house and it was on their family's old farmland. They loved that house and there would be no reason to sell it...unless he died.

Now last night I had TERRIBLE nightmares about my neighbor. In my nightmares they had carried him out on a gurney down a long flight of stairs (his house has no stairs). There were a few cars in the driveway that did not belong to anyone I knew. It looked like his house, but it wasn't. I am sure others have had this happen to their in dreams. There were cars lined up all along his yard. There's a few non-wooded acres that separates his yard from ours. I was there but not really there. I was watching from a distance, almost like my mind was there, but my body wasn't. In my dream I knew he was dead on this gurney. No one was in a hurry. His wife and daughter were shaking.

I had ANOTHER nightmare last night about him. This time I knew without a doubt he was dead. It was like all of the memories and conversations I had with him were flying by me. My mind told me to wake up, but I was still tired. No matter what, I had this nagging to wake up. So I finally did and ran over to the computer. Immediately clicked on the local newspaper's website and clicked obituaries. Much to my....dismay......he died Tuesday night. I started crying my eyes out, but I already knew it was true before I saw the name on the website. I am very saddened by this.

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