Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Feel Like Quitting

Today I feel like just stopping everything forever. It is really getting bad now and I can't mentally handle it.

I feel like I have MS. Getting around the house has been very difficult because my knees hurt and I feel like my legs could give out at any moment. My body has been trembling for a few days now, but it just seems to be getting worse. The aspirin finally took care of the massive headache I had for 2 days.

Last night was terrible. I woke up with a night sweat again and I had to use the bathroom twice. I can't take it anymore dammit. My goodness I just want to sleep the whole night.

I feel helpless. /sigh


addd said...

I have been following your blog a little- I really think you need to talk to a doctor, even a naturopath or a DO if you are more comfortable. The side effects of this treatment are very extreme. I'm worried about you and I dont even know you. I have had alopecia areata for 20 years, from a tiny cm patch to having lost almost 50% of my hair and back again. I know the frustration and the need to find a "cure". I have tried everything myself at least once and sometimes it honestly seems like something works- until then it doesnt. Until the next thing that triggers the body to respond- and on and on. And I dont doubt mercury has toxic effects but I really think your body is sending you a signal. Dont get so convinced that your side effects are from pulling mercury out. Your system sounds very unbalanced right now. You need someone to evaluate what you are doing. AA and adrenal fatigue sucks, but there are a million things in life that make it worth living- even with those issues.

Best of luck...

pos777 said...

I agree that you probably should consult someone. Is it usual to experience these effects in the rest periods?

This is something I found on Dr Mark Hyman’s site. He’s the best Dr I’ve found in this advanced medicine called functional medicine. I hope it may have something to help you.

There is a lot of controversy about the best way to do this. But after doing this for 10 years, I've found the safest and most effective treatment is oral DMSA.
It is taken as follows: One 100 to 250 mg capsule of DMSA orally three times a day before meals for 3 days on, 11 days off. Do this for 6 months then recheck your level of mercury through the challenge test.
* Do saunas daily - especially on those days when doing DMSA.
* Consider getting intravenous vitamins and antioxidants for 3 months while doing this to administer glutathione, phospholipids, vitamin C, and B vitamins to boost detoxification.
This is harder to get, but can help the process work better and help you feel better throughout the process.
* Drink enough filtered water and fluids to make urine clear.
* Make sure you have bowel movements twice a day. This is very important or you will reabsorb mercury from the gut.
You can add ground flax seeds to shakes or foods, or take one to two 150-mg magnesium citrate capsules twice a day if you are not going regularly, or even a stronger laxative if you have to, such as senna or cascara.
* Consider whey protein to boost glutathione if not allergic to dairy.

I am simply sharing my experience and knowledge with you. And I recognize that this is a controversial area.
You also must find someone skilled at dealing with this in order to do it safely. These are only my guidelines. They may be the same or similar to what you may find others using.
Most, importantly, get assistance.

Birdlady said...

Taking 100mg-250mg of DMSA 3 time a day would make me incredibly worse. Currently I am taking 15mg 8xday which is 120mg. With the other protocol you'd be reaching 300-750mg! I would be in the hospital with that dosing.

You would be getting redistribution symptoms every 3 hours because that's all the longer DMSA stays in the body. Then once you took the pill again, you'd stir all the mercury back up. That's how people become permanently disabled while detoxing for mercury.

I am doing this on my "own", but with the supervision of my natural doctor. And I am reading Dr. Cutler's book and consulting the yahoo groups where he has post in the past.

Having side effects in the off days is perfectly normal. The mercury that is mixing around the body begins to settle back down into the body. Where it decides to settles determines how bad the breaks become. Obviously I am in some critical mercury stores. I figured this would be a hellish detox. The iodine one was pretty terrible too. All of you would have been really concerned with me> LOL

The other mercury detoxing protocols just don't make any sense whatsoever because the symptoms you'd get would be outrageous. I doubt any of those doctors recommending taking the DMSA infrequently has done it themselves. In 3 rounds they'd throw the pills out.

Getting IV's of nutrients can be great if you can find a doctor who does that. It has to be buffered appropriately or you could die. Rather than try my luck with these stupid doctors in the area, I am just taking oral supplements.

I cannot do saunas because of my condition, diabetes insipidus. I would be heading to the ER. I have heard they can help move mercury out of the body, but I don't feel comfortable doing this.

Everything else in your list is common sense.

While I get frustrated on my breaks, I am actually doing quite well. Yesterday and today have been much better since I added 5mg of cortef. This blog is meant for a place to vent, so there is no filter on my words. HAHA