Friday, November 7, 2008

Round 6, Day 4 Mercury Detox

Upping my dosage to 25mg every 3 hours has been going very well. Nothing out of the ordinary has popped up and I am not in severe pain or discomfort. I have been waking up with a headache in the back of my head, but it quickly goes away about an hour after waking. I'm not sure what is causing that one. Perhaps just the interruption of sleep while on round. Ugh..I hate that.

My husband started chelating 2 days ago. He had 5 amalgams. We are going to be doing it together now! He actually got very sick the first night of chelating, but thankfully after some vitamin C and supplements it went away. I think he is doing well, but he doesn't really complain much...hehe

My next post on here is going to discuss the supplements I take while detoxing. I feel I have neglected that aspect of the detox, which is vitally important! Stay tuned for that post.

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