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Mercury Exposure According to Immunization Records

I thought this would be a little neat. I found my high school diploma the other day and inside of it showed me most of the vaccines I have been given during my schooling years. Now looking at this, I don't think it is complete because I remember getting the stupid Hepatitis shot in 6th grade and that is not listed on here. This isn't going to be completely accurate because I don't know brand names, but I think most brands across the board either have thimerosal or don't.

Here we go-I was born on 4/13/1984

Diptheria and Tetanus * It says on the bottom that they are usually combined in DTP, DT or Td. I have no way of knowing what I had unless I asked my mom.
  • 1st dose 6/15/84
  • 2nd dose 8/23/84
  • 3rd dose 10/12/84
  • 4th dose 10/14/85
  • 5th dose 4/12/89
According to this chart that I got from the American Academy of Pediatrics;104/3/570/T1, all DTP have thimerosal in them. Each shot has 25ug/0.5ml of mercury. A ug means micrograms. I think they do this so it isn't confused with mg. Leaving off the c in there could be fatal!

From that one vaccine series alone, I got 125 micrograms of mercury. Thanks mom! All before the age of 5! I probably lost a lot of IQ points...

Polio * It says 3 doses of oral or 4 doses of Inactivated (Salk) vaccine. It looks like I got the Salk vaccine.
  • 1st dose 6/15/84
  • 2nd dose 8/23/84
  • 3rd dose 10/14/85
  • 4th dose 4/12/89
Supposedly the Salk vaccine didn't have thimerosal in it. There's really no way to even verify this and they lied about it being contaminated with SV-40, which is the main source of the increase in cancers we have seen today. If you got a polio shot from 1953-1960 you probably got injected with SV-40! This wasn't by mistake though and they admit that here....
Merck Drug Company Admits Injecting Polio with Cancer Viruses

Measles, Mumps, Rubella * It seems I got 1 shot with all 3 of them in it. Supposedly no thimerosal, but it is a live virus which is really bad for a developing immune symstem.
  • 1st dose 7/12/85
  • 2nd dose 5/4/91
TB * I can only assume that TB means Tuberculosis. This wasn't a "mandated" vaccine, so I don't know why I was given this. I don't remember anyone in my family having TB. This one is also a live virus, so no thimerosal. Although a quick search reveals that it isn't recommended to give to kids because 1) it isn't effective and 2) you can get TB meningitis from it...
  • 1st dose 10/11/95 (I would have been 11 years old)
Hepatitis B * It isn't listed on the sheet, but I know I was "forced" to get it in order to be allowed in 6th grade. That is a scam in itself. Now in my research this is one of the vaccines that USED to have thimerosal in them, but are now "free" of thimerosal. This doesn't make me feel any better...3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccine contained 37.5 micrograms of mercury. This info was hard to find, but I did find it on a medical journal website here.
  • 3 doses-No specific dates available. Approximately 10/11/95 up to the summer before 6th grade which would have been 8/31/96
In the meanwhile, by the age of 12 I already had TONS of amalgam fillings in my mouth, lost the baby teeth with the amalgams and then had new ones put in. Right around 14 my family stopped going to the dentist and refused to take me. In some way that may have been a blessing, but I used to be so mad at my family for this.

Just from vaccines alone I have been exposed to 162.5 micrograms of mercury. Now let me explain to you how terrible that is. In order to be considered "symptomatic" the FDA says you must be excreting 25 micrograms of mercury in your urine. How in the hell does this even make sense? Injecting it directly into your bloodstream which bypasses every single safety mechanism your body has, is totally OK!

In the bad challenge test I did (which you should NEVER EVER DO) I excreted 30 micrograms of mercury from only 60mg of DMPS. Most other challenge tests shoot you up with a few hundred mg of DMPS, so I can only imagine what the results would have been then.

You may be thinking well lots of kids had all of those shots and are doing "fine". I laugh at people who say these sorts of things. Do you think since you've only see white cars, that only white cars exist? Do you think if you close your eyes that no one can see you? This may sound stupid, but saying that everyone is doing fine or things would be a lot worse off is the same type of mindset. If it doesn't affect YOU and someone YOU are close to then it doesn't affect ANYONE. Can I have what you are smoking!

What is fine to most people? Still walking and breathing? Most people would look at me and think, pretty young girl, thin, she must be doing fine! haha When in fact, if I'd lift up my hair and show them my bald spot, then my recurring rash and let them see how fast my heart rate races on a daily basis, they would quickly back down from their "doing fine". A lot of people in their 20's are now finally getting sick and it is a "hidden sickness". These people LOOK okay.

Mercury poisoning doesn't make you grow 4 ears. It looks like what "getting old" means to most Americans. You just start to slowly deteriorate and for some people that happens sooner. I think MS, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, chronic fatigue and most autoimmune disorders is directly related to heavy metal load. Most people who suffer from these DO NOT chelate properly, so they never see the results.

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