Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Next Round Is Here! Round 6

I wanted to briefly say that I am doing okay. Looking at the comments in the last post I made, appears that I've scared some people. That wasn't my intent. When I am feeling sick and it is affecting my work, I get really pissed off. There were 2 days last break where I just sat around the house and wished I could get work done. I am getting close to a deadline and I get antsy. I'm sure other people feel this too. When things get bad, you shouldn't just stop forever. Those words were out of frustration. That would actually make things worse long term because you only partially got the mercury out. There is no other protocol out there that makes sense and even with all of my bitching, I am feeling better overall. My hair is growing back! There are up's and down's. I knew this wasn't going to be all happy. There is sufficient warning in Dr. Cutler's book.

Other detoxes I have done in the past (parasite, colon, liver, iodine) always have up's and down's as it comes in contact with toxins or parasites. This is very common. I took Vitalzym a few years ago and got extremely ill from it. That wasn't even a true "detox".

There aren't many doctors out there who want to help mercury toxic people because they don't want to deal with you. Since they don't understand it they usually just say "that can't be what's wrong with you". Meanwhile they are simply covering their ass and don't give a crap about you.

I can't stress this enough. You can't go to a doctor for mercury poisoning! They won't help you and they don't even know what to do for you. Chronic mercury poisoning is not recognized by the medical community. Why? Because then they'd have to start looking into what causes it and that would lead to the dental and vaccine industries. Both of these are billion dollar industries. You can't let the money go dry! Aside from the money aspect, can you imagine the lawsuits that would occur! The ADA and FDA KNEW mercury in the amalgams and vaccinations were bad, but has continued to cover it up to save face. Just recently the FDA is now warning dentists not to place amalgams in the mouths of children and pregnant women. *Raises hand* Um....what about me! I was a child 20 years ago that had multiple amalgams in my mouth! But I don't count now I guess.

Now onto the Alopecia Areata. I have no family history of this. Both grandfathers and grandmothers (on both sides of the family) had their hair when they died. My one grandmother is still alive, but she has all of her hair.

AA is not normal. Your hair does not fall out without a reason. The only words they say is, autoimmunity disorder!!!! Okay, but the human body does not attack itself without damage to the DNA or toxins invading cells. "It's not curable, but we can help!" That is the lie that the conventional medicine uses to sell you drugs and steroid injections. Don't buy into it.

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Cutler's book, Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment page 108. He says it better than I can.
Mercury poisoning can cause autoimmunity. If you have autoimmunity from mercury poisoning it will probably go away when you get detoxed. Some physicians will think you have autoimmunity INSTEAD of being mercury poisoned, but they don't think autoimmunity is curable. It is up to you to decide whether you have autoimmune disease as a symptom of mercury poisoning.
I used to post at a hair loss forum, but they didn't want to hear about my success. That's fine most of those women were miserable anyway. I went to a dermatologist who flat out told me there was NO WAY mercury poisoning could cause this. They don't care about you. There job is to sell drugs and that is it. Doctors do not go into this profession to help people. It is to make money. Period.

If you made it through all that, today I am starting my 6th round! I am increasing my dose to 25mg every 8 hours 3 hours --typo! If it doesn't sit right with me, then I will stop, wait 4 days and begin again with the 15mg. I am only doing 4 days this round. With 4 days off at the end.

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