Saturday, November 29, 2008

More Pictures of the Rash

Here are more pictures of it from tonight. I'm going freaking crazy.

First one is from my chest right before we left to get some groceries. It was unbelievably red.

Front of my neck. Very itchy but went away within 25 minutes.

This one was weird. Very blotchy. It totally faded away though.


Dana Herbert said...

Dana, rashes can also be caused by lymphoma. And nickel allergy. Do you have any crowns in your mouth with nickel underneath them?

Birdlady said...

Hi Dana!

I don't have any crowns yet. However I am highly allergic to nickel. I can't even wear any jewelry with it in. There is one tooth with a root canal that I am thinking of having the dentist drill into to see if amalgam is hidden underneath the white filling. This wouldn't even surprise me considering who filled it...

Yes I am aware of the few cancers that can cause rashes and itching. I've had enlarged lymph nodes my entire life ever since I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus. Having that virus increases your risk for it if I remember correctly.

Hopefully this blood work will show something!

I ended up taking Benadryl last night because I couldn't take it anymore.

Dana Herbert said...

Maybe you have an allergy to mercury?

Your dentist can tell if there is amalgam under your composite filling from an x-ray, no need to drill.

Birdlady said...

The only reason why I am concerned is because that tooth has a slightly dark tinge to it.

It looks like the teeth that USED to have amalgam in them. My dentist took his time trying to get as much of the stain out of the inside of the teeth. He knew why I wanted the amalgams out and he also believes they are harmful. That in itself helped so much.

Dentists who don't believe mercury is a problem will always do a terrible job because they think you are nuts!

The only thing in my mouth is composite. I have no wires, no bridges, no crowns, and no implants. I do have an amalgam tattoo from years and years ago.

Tonight the rashes seem to be OK. I wonder if taking the Benadryl last night had anything to do with it. My stomach on the other hand is terrible. I ate an orange and it already went right through me.

What type of doctor do I need to see in order to get these cysts checked out?