Thursday, November 13, 2008

Supplements While Detoxing

YAY One of the big projects I was working on is completed, so I have some time to write up what I take while detoxing.

It is very very important to take supplements EVERY DAY while detoxing. When you are chelating, your body is burning through minerals like crazy and mercury causes a deranged mineral transport in the body. I'm not an expert how that happens, but in simple terms, it causes your body to throw out good minerals, hold onto bad ones and just causes a lot of problems. Your body needs minerals to function normally. Even the most basic minerals need to be supplied on a daily basis in mercury toxic people.
  • Potassium helps to make the heart function properly. It also helps to keep the body's water balance. Potassium even helps with nerve functioning.
  • Calcium helps with normal blood clotting and keeps the bones strong.
  • Vitamin D goes hand and hand with calcium. It helps to absorb calcium. If you live in a cloudy climate you are probably walking around chronically deficient.
I never did Dr. Cutler's hair analysis because I already knew I had mercury poisoning. There was NO reason to further prove it to myself. Perhaps I will have one done in a few months, just to see what is happening.

There are a ton of supplements you CAN take if you want. You could spend $500 a month on supplements if you were really into it, but obviously it gets a little ridiculous.

Here is what I take on a daily basis. I'll even list brand names, in case you are interested in them. Only some things I really feel brand makes a difference in. For instance a good, non-contaminated fish oil is important. But with Vitamin D3 brand doesn't matter usually.

  1. Vitamin C 4-6 Grams daily (Sodium Ascorbate powder)
  2. Vitamin E 2 Gel caps Carlson's E-gem
  3. Vitamin D3 5,000-10,000IU Under a doctor's supervision
  4. CoQ10 Enzyme 200-300mg NSI
  5. Milk Thistle 600mg
  6. 5mg Hydrocortisone (Rx) in morning
  7. Multi-Vitamin 6 capsules Thorne Research Basic Nutrients I No copper/iron
  8. Zinc I try to take some zinc every day, but it usually makes me vomit. I'd recommend 100mg
  9. Trispartate 2-3 capsules Thorne Research (potassium/magnesium/calcium)
  10. Fish Oil- 1 tablespoon Carlson's Cod liver/fish oil
I feel that Thorne Research is a good brand. I have always been happy with them. However they do not sell direct to public. So you'd have to find a health food store that sells them or a doctor's office. There may be somewhere online, but I haven't looked around.

If you have any questions on the supplements or why I take something just leave a comment.

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