Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hives Are Gone!

YAY The hives are gone now! I have no idea what they were from, but since this reaction occurred, I am going to stick with the 15mg for now. I ordered the 25 mg from VRP, but I will do at least another round with the 15 just to make sure everything is okay.

I feel really bad for people who get hives on a regularly basis. I had no idea how irritating they are! haha Those of you who get them a lot, you have my sympathy.

I am 33 minutes away from my next pill and I am definitely feeling antsy, a little hyper and have a cold sweat. The hearing out of my right ear is a little clogged. I think I may just go ahead and take my next pill. These are definitely mercury redistribution symptoms... My left hand and arm is feeling numb too. That is probably the vitamin b-12 deficiency making another appearance. I'll have to get a shot to alleviate the numbness because the pills do NOTHING for me. It's quite difficult and painful to type when it feels like this, so I'll have to keep this short.

Just to keep this documented. It is Day 1 of Round 5 of my frequent oral DMSA detox. Things are certainly starting to pick up now...I can feel it inside.

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