Monday, October 20, 2008

Round 4, Day 3 Mercury Detox

Well I started up again on the DMSA and I feel great. It is like night and day. When I am on the DMSA I feel really good, but as soon as I take my breaks I feel like crap.

I added a new picture to the hair timeline, so feel free to check it out. My hair is doing really well. There might be a new spot, but I still feel very optimistic. I know I'm going to have ups and downs with the detox.

My mind has been more clear. I've been more productive with work too. You know sometimes I'd just have a hard time thinking what words to write. Now I'm not having that trouble as much as I used too. Some may call it writer's block, then I guess that means I had permanent writer's block most of my life. It would take so much energy, nail biting and time to write 1 sentence...

My speaking has been better too. Quite often while speaking I would switch words up too. For example, rather than saying "hit the nail on the head" I'd say hit the head on the nail . This was a common occurrence for me, but it's happening less and less.

Since I am having such positive effects with the DMSA, I can't wait to see how well the ALA will work!


pos777 said...

This is amazing. It's exactly as I have heard described by other people with the mental clarity thing. Are you following a particular diet regimen also?

Birdlady said...

Honestly I'm not doing much different than normal. However we eat all organic foods. I don't eat many foods out of a package either. The one packaged food I have in the house is Whole Foods pilaf and we might eat that once or twice a week. Most of my meals include a protein of some type and vegetables.

I'm a crazy label checker too. I refuse to buy foods with high fructose corn syrup (don't buy into their propaganda commercials), artificial sweeteners, any form of MSG or other scary preservatives. This can be next to impossible if shopping at Walmart. Everything at Walmart has these ingredients in them. I also try to stay away from soy, but it can be tough!

The worst thing I drink regularly is Tazo Chai. I love that stuff... It would be hard to give up! haha

pos777 said...

Seems like you have your diet sorted out! I'm envious! It's like I'm 6 or months behind you! I used to think people like you were just 'health nuts'! How brainwashed I was!