Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Survived Another Round

Well I completed another round of DMSA. This time I decided to go 5 days rather than 4. Other than the interruption of sleep, everything went well. I had no kidney pain, no headaches and no dizziness! Now that I have been off of them, let's hope that my other symptoms don't come back.

The breaks are always much worse than the actual detox. I cannot stress that enough.

I am having some sort of allergic reaction today. I have no idea why or what from, but it's strange. Of all places it is on my jawline and on the back of my right leg near my butt. It's so itchy, but have been trying to focus on something else so I don't scratch it. I'm not a very "allergic person", so this is unusual for me.

Since the DMSA is so expensive going through the pharmacy, I think I'll be bumping myself up a bit to save some cash. The company, Vitamin Research Products (Vrp) sells a lower dose DMSA with 25 mg for $29 for 120 capsules! Going with this company I get more capsules and more DMSA for WAY less than what I'm paying (currently $74) WITHOUT a prescription! From everything I've read from Dr. Cutler, if you want to begin upping your dose, you should go through 4 rounds. Then increase it by half of what you are taking. Half of 15 is 7.5+15=23.5mg I think taking a 25mg capsule is well within the "OK" allowance.

If I go ahead with the larger dose, I will certainly blog about it here. =)

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pos777 said...

I'm a notal novice, but maybe its something to do with the lymphatic system as the mercury is shifting around?