Saturday, February 14, 2009


The FDA is taking DMSA off the market as a supplement and will only be available by prescription. This article was first posted on the frequent dose chelaiton yahoo group

A member of the frequent dose chelation yahoo group said they have received notification from VRP that they will be selling off their remaining stock and they are discontinuing the manufacturing of DMSA.

I can confirm this. When I checked my email today, this is what I found. Click on the picture below to see it in a larger, readable size.

VRP is where I purchased my 25mg DMSA capsules. Lots of people following Dr. Cutler's protocol were being supplied by VRP, so this will without a doubt FORCE people to STOP chelating. This will also affect the source in South Africa because you will need a prescription to order it. Clearly this is a huge blow to Dr. Cutler's detox protocol and any other group (autistic children) following his program.

To say that I am mad would be an understatement at the moment. I am lucky enough that I can get a prescription for DMSA, but at triple the cost! VRP was dirt cheap for their DMSA and my damn insurance company won't cover it if it's compounded.

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Elizabeth said...

I know. I saw this last week. It's disgusting. Damn Kaiser won't give me a script for DMSA for mercury - only lead.

Dana, I'm wondering how you're doing. How are you today?

I'm now on round 16 of 100mg of ALA. I have been healthy my whole life, then six years ago, I'm diagnosed with MS and like you, I did not let any of these so called professionals pump me with their toxins.

As a precaution, I had my dental amalgams removed (unfortunately not a bio dentist) when I still had dental insurance. And now just six months ago, I found Andy Cutler, realized that it was what I thought from the beginning - that the symptoms I've had all fit - and I'm hopefully I'll cure the incurable MS. I'm so disgusted that yes, you and I are not special, we're common. We need simple, safe testing for chronic mercury exposure and doctors (sure...) educated not only in nutrition but proper chelation.

Anyway, hope your hair is growing back and that you feel well. My biggest problem is sleep and I'm still struggling, but I know I'll get there.

BTW, the lack of sex drive...yet another problem I had forever...the damn f'en mercury messes with our hormones. I get a T shot monthly and I feel better then I ever have in my whole life (in this area - smile). Have you had your testosterone checked? They - you know those doctors - ignore this in women. And 'normal' is not sufficient. I had a 17 on a 6-80 scale and I had no drive.

I just happened to find your blog looking up something on mercury so if you want to comment to me -