Thursday, February 12, 2009

Severe Dehydration Last Night

Yesterday was complete hell! At one point, I was really scared and told my husband if I passed out to give me at least 20mg of Cortef and to call 911. He had a temperature of 103.8, so he was in poor shape too. He had it must worse than me. I was ready to call 911 for him because his temperature kept climbing. haha! That would have been an interesting 911 phone call. "Yeah can you send out 2 ambulances. One for me and one for my husband? Neither of us can drive at the moment." LOL

I took my blood pressure multiple times last night and these were the results:

109/70 HR 105
109/70 HR 119
98/74 HR 95
90/66 HR 127

83/64 HR 158
89/71 HR 141
84/57 HR 136 Shows it was irregular
84/63 HR 132 Shows it was irregular

Currently Sitting
99/70 HR 124

Currently Standing
Won't even register--I've tried about 15 times now. That's means its really low.

Clearly, I was salt wasting significantly through my sweat and pee. I was peeing more than I should have been, but I was so ill, I didn't get my meds in time. To try and recover I placed about 1 tsp of salt in 8oz of water and started chugging. My husband was like, "Are you sure you are supposed to do that". The salt tasted excellent to me, so I told him yeah. Even this morning, salt water tastes incredible like I'm eating a piece of apple pie!, so I'm going to continue with it until things balance out. Looking at my BP and HR, I'm still dehydrated!

There was an hour or so that I thought I might have died. Was it dehydration? Adrenal crisis? I'll never really know. I was having pain in my lower back, but I was also having other muscle pain too in my left leg and stomach. This was hellish. I hope I didn't pass this on to anyone.

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