Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day 1: DMSA Detox

Well I started my detox today at 12:38 PM! I got the prescription from the compounding pharmacist. It definitely isn't cheap, but hopefully insurance will cover it. That way I could support a local business owner rather than some gigantic corporation like Target or Giant Eagle.

I was a little nervous taking the first pill because I didn't know what to expect. In about an hour I will be taking my 3rd pill for the day. I got really hot just before taking my 2nd pill and I had this strange pain in my right ring finger that moved into my palm. My insides felt like they were being warmed from the inside out. It was strange.

Stay tuned for further updates :p Hopefully if my hair starts growing back in the upcoming months, I can put some more pics on here.

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freebigb said...

Good luck with the treatment. My advice would be to go slow with the DMSA. You don't want to leach out too much mercury too quickly.