Saturday, September 6, 2008

Naturopath Irked Me A Little

Well I had another appointment with my naturopath. When I first got there I was a little excited to hear what he had to say about my new lab results, but quickly realized this was a waste of my time. I've had so much blood work done at this place it isn't even funny. I give the doctor credit for figuring out that I have Diabetes Insipidus because it is a very rare condition that most doctors will NEVER see in their entire careers.

My problem comes from the fact, that I always go into these visits with high expectations. Typically when I go to a normal doctor I figure they will tell me to take some pill or hand me a cream and slap me with a $100 office visit. Well I have much higher expectations with Dr. Goldstein because he talks to you for 45 minutes at each follow up. It is nice to be able to chat with your doctor without feeling like you are rushed.

I know that I have mercury poisoning and the only thing on my mind is getting these darn amalgams out of my mouth so I can begin detoxing. I purposely bumped my appointment up, so that I could talk to him about taking oral DMSA. All of my amalgams will be out of my mouth on September 9th and I wanted to begin my detox on September 13. I figured this way I had time to plan everything out and be ready to start this wicked detoxing journey.

Well Dr. Cutler's mercury detox protocol didn't go over very well with him. He wanted me to do a detox program which says to take oral DMSA every other day. This type of mercury detox is specifically discussed in Dr. Cutler's book and it is dangerous. You can actually damage yourself more because mercury is redistributed in between doses. Taking DMSA less often is more dangerous than more often. He just has no idea what you are supposed to do with mercury and when he immediately discredited Dr. Cutler's protocol it really irked me.

He didn't discredit it because he thought it was dangerous or that it was ineffective. He simply discredited it because he didn't know what it was. Well I insisted on doing Dr. Cutler's protocol and that's my plan. Every other protocol is poorly thought out or planned. It doesn't even take into account what happens to the mercury that is stirred up when the DMSA begins to run out in 4 hours. I suspect that not many patients have become any better on an every other day DMSA protocol.

DMSA does not cross the blood brain barrier. There is no evidence to prove that it does, which is why you MUST add ALA about 3 months into the detox. Some people may need to wait longer if they are severely poisoned. Unfortunately my doctor thinks DMSA crosses the blood brain barrier, but it is not lipid soluable and does not have a special transport protein. Typically you need this for something to cross the blood brain barrier, so I can't understand where people are getting that it does. Dr. Cutler discusses this specific subject on the Yahoo Group. The website, has archived the interesting and informative posts from Dr. Cutler concerning whether DMSA crosses the blood brain barrier.

This first link made me laugh. At least Dr. Cutler has a sense of humor.

More info about DMSA, which does not cross the BBB.

Info on why ALA crosses the BBB (lipid soluable)

There just seems to be a lot of conflicting information about HOW to detox mercury. One doctor says one thing. Another doctor says another. Yet another doctor says those doctors are wrong. It is very hard to sort through all the information to find one that is good. Most natural doctors insist on taking cilantro, chlorella, IV DMPS and high sulfur diets. Meanwhile Dr. Cutler says these protocols will severely increase symptoms with no guarantee that you are excreting mercury. That doesn't really sound like a good detox protocol.

Well the only doctor that has science to back up his protocol is Dr. Cutler. At this point and time, that's what is important to me. Not what some doctor feels is best.

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