Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm Back Online

Well I am now back online. We got our power back on Thursday morning, which was a huge surprise. Definitely not complaining =) However now that we have power back, I am full time working on a large massive project that needs completed in the next few weeks. Ugh. Hopefully I can balance that with the mercury detox. I need to be thinking clearly and if it starts to affect that I will be putting the mercury detox on hold.

I am supposed to start tomorrow on my next dosing of DMSA, but I am waiting until Monday. I should be getting a timer in the mail Monday that will help keep better track of the 4 hour doses. My alarm didn't work one night, so I had to stop all together. That really irked me, so alarms and phones are out of the equation. They are too unreliable!

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