Thursday, June 11, 2009

Eyes Seem Bad Today

For whatever reason my eyes seem pretty bad tonight. Lots of lights in both eyes and my floaters are driving me absolutely insane. GRRR! Sadly I know things will only get worse for me as time goes on, so I have to learn to live with this.

I completely forgot to post a picture of that burn I had a couple weeks ago, but now I can't find the camera it's on! It's actually healing a lot faster than I imagined, so that is good.

The armour is going OK. My temps have been running a little high, so I'm not sure what to think yet. I don't feel hyper at all, so I'm just going to keep taking it to see what happens!

If the weather cooperates tomorrow (and I can find the camera) I'm going to show you all what I worked on this past week.

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eatwawa said...

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