Sunday, June 7, 2009

Got my hair cut!

I got my hair cut and it's fantastic! I had about 5 inches cut off the end and went ahead with a side sweeping bang. I haven't had bangs for at least 15 years. When she cut it, the inner voice in me went---"Oh goodness what have YOU done!"---, but it looks so young, trendy and I love how it hangs
in my face. I know that sounds really strange, but I like having those pieces fall around the face. It helps to frame my face which is good.

I can now wear my hair up and can hide the final bald spot with the bangs!

With my new hair style, I needed a flat iron to keep the bangs from trying to flip out strange. I have a very slight wave in my hair, which normally I don't mind. However with the bangs, I need to get it as straight as possible so it doesn't stick out weird.

I have one coming in the mail and should be here in a few days! I'm so excited!

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Mary said...

Cool! You should post a picture! I need a haircut too. It's nice what a new look will do for your outlook and energy.