Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Started On Armour Today

I asked my doc if I could go ahead and start Armour a little early since the DHEA isn't causing me any problems and he said sure.

Today I started on 1 grain of Armour. I split the dose of 1/2 in the morn and then another 1/2 at lunch time. I definitely felt a little different today, but I can't say whether it was a good or bad different. My temps were actually running a little high and I needed to stress dose the HC (2.5mg) which calmed me rather quickly.

It's also a pretty hot day here (well in the house at least), so I've been watching my salt-wasting symptoms and trying to remember to drink water. I took a 1/4 tab extra of Florinef today once I realized that it was going to be about 86 degrees in the house. Right now it says 85 and we've had fans running all day to get air circulating through.

I know most people will say that starting on 1 grain of Armour all at once is not right. I looked into this and saw that most people recommend 1/4 to 1/2 grain to start. I asked my doc about this and he said that he thinks that would actually make me feel worse. Sort of like when you only take 10mg of HC, it shuts down the ACTH feedback loop and you feel worse off than if you hadn't taken any. I'm keeping an eye on my temps which are definitely higher today, but it's also really hot the house too.

So far I feel pretty decent considering it's hot outside and I started the Armour. I had 2 things hit me today! haha

In 2 weeks I increase it by another 1/2 grain up to 2 grains total.

PS-- I think I got the old Armour formulation, which seems to be dissolving without any trouble. It looks like my hubby got the new formation, which he said tastes like butt. LOL

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