Saturday, June 20, 2009

I hate you Night Sweats

Seriously I went back and looked at my blog's history at all the posts where I complain about night sweats and it's truly unbelievable. Why do I experience these all the darn time?

They have been coming and going again. Now that I'm on florinef, I have to assume it's NOT low aldosterone but looking back a few months ago I was experiencing night sweats when I was taking my DDAVP too. It is not normal to be drenched in sweat at night. Maybe once or twice a year, but not on a regular basis.

I made a post about this on the NTH adrenal yahoo group and a lot of people have them, but no one seems to know what causes them. haha I guess there's a group of us out there that deal with this annoying sleeping interruption.

Now for some exciting news. I am doing another modified water deprivation test to see how my body is concentrating urine now that I'm on florinef. My new doc said that he'd be willing to order the labs for me since all I have to do is just not drink water for 12 hours or so. A true water deprivation test is really involved and would involve a trip to a pituitary endo. Honestly I can't handle the hassle of going to a mainstream doc and will settle for this modified (slightly dangerous) water deprivation test. LOL If I get really sick, then I'll call it off. Don't worry!

I'll be weighing myself each hour to see what happens sort of like what they do with the real test. Obviously I won't be able to test my urine osmolality, but I have strips that do specific gravity which can give me a clue. If it's really low, then I know the osmolality is low too. Unfortunately high specific gravity readings can be largely inaccurate.

Just a little while ago, I had this terrible sharp pain in my abdomen and I felt very nauseous. It came out of no where, so I took some extra HC and bile salts. Thankfully one of those fixed the pain I was having, but I'll never know which one exactly.

That is all for now. I'm not taking the armour until my sleep is better, so we will see when that happens. I feel really tired right now and think it's about time to sleep. I just hope I can sleep throughout the night without too much interruption.

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Alex said...

Hi Birdlady,
Found your blog a couple of weeks ago and have been following it and several others. I recently had my braces removed and my ortho sanded down (yep, you heard me) an amalgam filling in my mouth without using any safety precautions on me. Within the week I had thrush, a horrible metallic taste in my mouth, and dry mouth, swollen tongue, heavy sweating. After getting blown off by several docs including my DO who I love I am now persuing amalgam removal and chelation. Have completely changed my diet(my family hates me and thinks I am crazy)and am meeting with a holistic doc in about a week. It does me a lot of good to know there are others out there having to live this nightmare. I am following your progress and hope you see your health improve soon. You are so young to be thrown into all of this!