Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tinea Versicolor Flare Up

The first time I had tinea versicolor it was on my chest many years ago, but never knew what it was. It was one of those things that I "lived with". Then one day my husband was like you should find out what is on your chest because it's getting worse.

So I sucked it up and went to my primary care doctor many years ago and he said it was the fungus, tinea versicolor. I put the cream on my chest for a week or something and it slowly faded away. Unfortunately it would come back over the years and I found out that Nizoral shampoo works just as good as the stuff they give you at the docs, so I just started to self-treat.

Well just a few days ago I noticed a few spots on my chest. Then this morning I woke up and my husband your tinea versicolor exploded overnight. You had a few spots on your neck yesterday I forgot to tell you about, but now it's all over... I thought he was exaggerating just a tad, so he took a picture.

I look like a brontosaurus.


Sarah said...

Yep I know all about mercury poisoning, I had something like 23 silver fillings (soft teeth my dentist said) Anyway I got them all out and started chelating with DMSA to get the mercury out of my body. Within about 2 weeks I started feeling really good, I still take DMSA according to this protocol which I find very easy to follow

Birdlady said...

My blog is dedicated ONLY to Dr. Cutler's frequent dose chelation protocol. If you use any other one it is strictly at your own risk and I do not think they are safe.

The amount of DMSA that protocol uses is entirely too much. I would have ended up in the ER if I done that. Same with my husband who experienced severe detoxing symptoms after 1 25mg DMSA tablet.

I'll let you speak your opinion, but I think that protocol is likely to hurt someone.

Naturalherbs Solutions said...

Apple juice vinegar, Tea Tree Oil, Turmeric powder, Grapefruit seed and Neem are extremely strong deep cleansing agents. Also, utilizing vinegar that contains garlic and oregano is another helpful for Tinea Versicolor Natural Treatment .