Thursday, January 1, 2009

Getting Back Into the Chelating Mindset

I am having a difficult time getting back into chelating. Taking these few months off has made me incredibly lazy. I missed my doses last night, so I have to stop. I used to beat myself up over it, but I am OK with it. I just need to update my chelating calendar, so I know when to start up again.

If you are trying to chelate without a calendar, you will fail miserably. Everyone should have a calendar no matter how much you think you don't need one. You'll forget!

I have heard so many people say how terrible ALA is when they first start using it. I have to admit that before knowing about Dr. Cutler and his way, I have used ALA before WITH AMALGAMS IN. It was NOT deliberate, but recently I went through all the supplements we own and came across a detox formula I used for a few weeks. I was taking 6 capsules a day. 2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 2 in the evening. There was 100mg of ALA in each capsule!

Now I can't remember what I felt like back then because every single day was a bad day. You know how that goes! My husband and I both think that DMSA with ALA must be very synergistic. If you are only taking ALA, you may not feel the extreme affects. But then I've heard some people say if you just take ALA, the effects are worse. I don't know about that for me. When I take DMSA, I instantly feel something is happening inside of me. With ALA the only thing I noticed was a slight headache just before my next pill was due. Even with me missing my dose last night, I feel totally fine!

I have heard that ALA takes about 3-6 months to "catch up" with you. You feel fine on a high dose and then suddenly it slams you. Perhaps this is the trend I am on.

I wanted to plug the frequent dose yahoo group today. There are some very intelligent people on this yahoo group and I recommend joining even if you don't plan on posting or asking questions. In order to join, make sure you put a good reason down or they will reject your membership. They have had problems with spammers in the past.

I recommend this group more so than the herballure website. I've practically stopped going to the other forum because no one wants to help themselves. It is hard for me to deal with people who don't want to help (but still complain).

Just be sure to read all the information on the yahoo group upon arrival and don't use an email address that you don't want spammed. It is almost guaranteed to get picked up by spammer eventually.

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