Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snow, Chelation, Etc!

It has been very wintry. On top of what we already had, last night and today we probably got another 2-3" and they are calling for more tonight and tomorrow! We have to be up to a foot by now, but with how windy it's been it is impossible to get an accurate measurement.

We broke down today and bought a snow blower. My left arm couldn't take shoveling anymore. There's just too much snow now and our CRV almost got stuck in the driveway. We barely got out today. We won't be reaching freezing for at least a week, so the driveway was becoming a problem.

There have been some crazy accidents at the intersection near our house. The first one involed a truck with a horse trailer. It slammed into a house! You can imagine the sound it made. Thankfully though the truck hit the porch, so there was minimal damage done to the building. My husband and I laugh though and say if a truck were to hit our house, they would go right through it and keep on moving. haha Tonight, a tractor trailer jack-knifed (not completely sure at the moment) and brought the highway to 1 lane for a few hours. The roads were really snow covered, so it doesn't surprise me. Just moments ago, they got the truck straightened out and towed it away.

On the chelation front, I'm not going to do 25mg of ALA anymore. It's just too dangerous to start that high, so I will be ordering (tomorrow) the ALA from Dean in South Africa. If you are in need of small dose ALA, DMSA or combo ALA/DMSA he can hook you up for a relatively cheap price. He is an active member of the frequent dose chelation yahoo group, so he is reliable. I emailed him last week and the shelf life on the ALA is 1 year, so you can order multiple bottles at a time to save money on shipping. Since it is coming from South Africa expect to pay $20-30 for shipping depending upon your location.

I had a terrible headache, felt very tired today and was itchy. At this point, I have no idea what is causing it all. I added in milk thistle the other day, so maybe there is a connection or coincidence?

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