Friday, January 9, 2009

Snow Is HERE!

This is the first real snow storm we've had for years and years! I am really excited about it too. They were first predicting 6 inches, then they retracted it. Now we are back on for 6-10 inches of snow and it is already really coming down.

I looked at the radar and apparently we are in the small band of showers coming through the area at the moment. No one else is getting snow but this small section of Butler county. Oh boy is it coming down too! We probably already got 2-3 inches out there and it is coming down very hard.

I'm going to run out in a little bit and get a few pictures of it!

I got some pics. Obviously it is dark, so it's hard to get ones. Might try again in a little.

First one are cat paw prints. It's a farm cat or stray that won't let anyone get near it. I've tried many times! He/she roams the area around our yard. I see paw prints very often.

Second one is looking out towards the main road. Traffic is very light considering the time. I saw a snow plow go by and sparks were flying since it was dragging on the road. Pretty cool looking.
Here I am with my ear muffs. People love these things. I get comments all the time!

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