Thursday, January 1, 2009

Surprise! I've Been Chelating

I didn't want to say anything too soon in case this went completely wrong. I started back up on chelating 2 days ago. I am not using DMSA, but rather ALA. I think I am done with DMSA for now. The fact that my neutrophils and white blood cells were low, scares me! For all I know, the severe skin itching may have been a complication from it lowering the neutrophils. Who knows? The itching has been a little better this week. If it was from the DMSA, it took a few weeks for my blood counts to recover. That makes me uneasy.

I am using a pretty high dose of ALA (25 mg) right now until I can find something smaller. Quite honestly I'm not noticing any symptoms. I was feeling really hot with red hands right before the 3 hour mark, so I am now taking it every 2 hours 45 minutes. Things are going well and I'm only doing 3 day rounds right now. There is no reason to push things especially when we know my pituitary is in crisis. Hopefully it can get some of the mercury out of my brain.


imgeha said...

hi Dana

glad to hear you're chelating again but ouch!! 25mg is a high dose to start with. I started off at 12.5mg in the summer and felt completely fine for the first few rounds. Then I stopped recovering between rounds and then I felt lousy all the time. An archive search on FDC told me why, and I dropped down to 6.25mg, at which I am fine consistently. It takes a few rounds to catch up with you if the dose is too high, and this feels too high to me to begin with.

take care


Birdlady said...

Nicola, I know it is too high. :( In a perfect world, I would start on 5mg, but where do I get that small of a dose? These companies like to put 600mg in one capsule. They think jamming as much as possible in the capsule is the way to go! haha

If you have any suggestions (like where I can get it), then let me know. I know about the source in South Africa and if I have to do that, then I will. The compounding pharmacist in my area is way too expensive to have him make this up for me.


imgeha said...


before I got mine compounded by Dean in SA, I used this

It is still 25mg per capsule, but I would simply cut it in half, giving me 12.5mg. Splitting it further would obviously be difficult, but not impossible. It is probably the least bad option - the best is having your own compounded. Others I know who have had to dose very low (2mg) have split the capsule and put the ALA in liquid to drink. It's difficult, I know.

take care Dana


Birdlady said...

I contacted Dean and he said the shelf life is 1 year on the ALA. That means I could get multiple bottles without worrying about it losing its effectiveness. Shipping is pretty expensive (obviously when coming from SA), but it would probably be cheaper than the compounding pharmacist here. I'll have to do some price checking tomorrow.

Thank you Nicola.