Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yesterday's Doctor's Visit

I saw Dr. Goldstein yesterday and I will need to call an endo to get some of these fancy tests done. In order to check whether this is my pituitary causing the slight hypothyroidism, I'll need a TRH stimulation test which Goldstein does not do. I found an endo literally right down the road from me that specializes in pituitary disorders. He sounds about as good as any other I found online.

Part of me just wants to "forget" that I have diabetes insipidus, but that might not work to my advantage. If I already have a pituitary problem he would be more willing to check my pituitary hormones. Dr. Goldstein told me that he will take me off of DDAVP for a specific time frame and redo EVERYTHING including the water deprivation test. UGH...NO! I can't wait to have heart palpitations and dizziness upon standing. The water deprivation test is pure hell. Dr. Goldstein was saying that if my diabetes insipidus isn't full blown, he will probably take me off of the DDAVP. WTF?! I already know mine isn't full blown because some days my pituitary works and other days it doesn't. Let's hope it is a really bad day for me when I go in for these tests. Some days even with my medicine, my urine is very dilute (clear). Sorry that might have been a little too much info!

UPDATE: I called the endo and the soonest they can see me is March 31st. In the meantime, I will continue to chelate and do what I've been doing.

I recently joined the Natural thyroid hormone yahoo group. I doubt I'll post much on it, but it is nice to see others talk about their hypo problems. You must join to see any messages.

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