Monday, March 16, 2009

Feeling Agitated

Today I am feeling so agitated. Right now I feel like screaming, throwing stuff and punching holes in the walls. AHHHHHHH!

What is causing this? I can't think straight either. My fatigue has been really bad today because I pushed myself to go grocery shopping last night. I had no choice, downed some caffeine, just so I could stand up. I woke up in the middle of the night last night with swollen fingers, had to pee and was itching. My fingers get so swollen I can't even move my wedding ring when usually it is pretty loose.

I can't take this anymore!


Mary said...

Ugh. I'm sorry for all you are going through. Why can't doctors actually know anything about these issues? It seems so basic to me. Every time I read about endocrine (and surrounding) issues it seems like the article says "doctors don't believe in this" or "no one knows why this happens" blah blah blah. It's so frustrating.

Good luck!!

Birdlady said...


Yes you are right. Well the main problem is the population as a whole is very sick. I think this is on purpose to dumb us down, but I'll leave that for another day.

When people get their blood work done, the labs store this information and then create the lab ranges from the SICK PEOPLE getting blood work done. So when an entire population gets sick, the lab ranges start to get larger to include more of the population. Only 2.5% of people will fall under a range and 2.5% of people will fall above the range. Basically this means that you won't be diagnosed with ANYTHING unless the adrenals, thyroid, pituitary, kidneys etc have completely STOPPED working or are working EXTREMELY too much.

Everyone else is lumped into the "normal" range and most docs don't look at the numbers. They just look for the "L" and "H" from the lab. It's sad, but very true. God forbid if you fall into this range and most of us here will.

I'm not quite so agitated today, but the adrenal pain is quite bad.

Pamm said...

I have Addison's Disease & it makes me feel like I want to punch something and I get very agitated very easy. So you have to be sure you take the right amount of cortisol. And when my potassium or salt in my system gets too low or high I feel very agitated and I have to take in more or less of potassium & sodium. This really helps me by adjusting these two. You need to look it up & compare your symptoms to see which you are. But do stay away from caffeine because it makes you urinate more which causes you to be even lower on sodium & potassium and therefore causing your symptoms to be worse. I have noticed on cortisol it causes low blood sugar causing you to feel really bad so take your adrenal medication with orange juice. So your blood sugar does not drop. Even if the blood test show your potassium & sodium being normal it can effect your daily life by taking in more or less of both by getting in your daily allowance of fruits & vegetables. Adrenal fatigue is known for sodium loss. We have to help ourselves, we can't leave it up to doctors alone. The agitation comes from high sodium & low potassium, try eating anything with potassium in it there are lots of things to choose from & see if you don't feel better. Good luck