Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Already Feel Less Bloated

I'm not great, but I can already tell a difference in the bloat. Last night though was quite hellish to say the least. I woke up like 5 times having major night sweats. I don't know if that was my body's way of shedding the extra water or what.

I was dying of heat for most of the night and had to kick the cat away from my feet and move my husband over to the other side of the bed! haha I was burning up and dying of thirst. I gulped down 16 ounces of water in about 10 seconds and was still desert mouth (that's what I call it). Obviously this is something OTHER than diabetes insipidus because I took my meds at 11:30 PM last night. I went to bed pretty late last night because I was working, but the meds should have last well through out the night and into the today.

When I woke up my pee was a normal dark color so it is working, but it didn't stop the dying of thirst feeling I'm getting. I am drinking more water right now to see when my thirst goes away. Obviously my body wants the water, so I'm drinking to see how much it wants.

The constant battling of dehydration is so damned irritating. I don't know anyone else that goes through this and it really pisses me off.

I lost 4 pounds from yesterday. My legs feel thinner. I can see more definition in the muscles, so the salt is cut...for now.


Amy said...

Dana, I check in every so often. I feel for everything you are going through. Ive got about 15 years on you and having lived with chronic auto immune conditions for 20 years I I have been through a lot of conventional and complementary medicine. I have also diagnosised myself with things I was sure I was right on and later saw why although the pieces fit- it wasnt it. Your labs might be indicative of a pitutary tumor, perhaps marginal cushings, but the thing is, with all the stuff you take, it's really hard to diagnosis you chemically. The things you take will alter your labs in ways doctors dont even understand. My advice to you is this- find a couple of good doctors to work with you but go find a counseler too to help you deal with the stress of your physical issues. Your mental state will make things worse- trust me on that- and with your marriage in danger, you need to be proactive and get yourself the full mental and physical help you need. I recognize a lot of your thought processes and you could really benefit from someone with a little experience and perspective to help you through this. Good Luck!

Granny Miller said...

Hi Dana :-)
I'm trying to contact you but have lost your phone#, last name and my email keeps getting bounced.
Could you please call me or email me?
Thanks :-)

Birdlady said...

@Granny Miller I will email you because I don't think I have your phone number anymore either. HAHA! :-)

@ Amy
Having a pit tumor is a possibility, but it would have had to develop since February '08 when I had an MRI with/without contrast done. I might try to have another one done, but we will see what this new doc thinks.

I'm not sure what you mean by "with all the stuff you take, its really hard to diagnosis you chemically". Right now I'm not taking anything other than DDAVP (for DI) and some iron to get my ferritin up higher. It was 38 last time I checked, which is sup-optimal. Sometimes I throw in a B vitamin, but since the itching attacks (back in Oct) I stopped a lot of the supplements. When my tingling comes back, I get B12 injections (which is getting bad again). I might paint my skin with some iodine, but again, not very often.

I did a round of chelation a few weeks ago, but haven't done another since. I can tell my adrenals suffered too much and I was unable to recover even though I felt completely normal on round.

I am going to a new doc on Monday. Dr. L. I haven't talked much about him because he was recommended to me by PM. He has helped lots of others on the Hormone Support forum and realthyroidhelp forum. My husband is seeing him too for his underweight issues.

Our marriage will make it through. When I have a bad day, our marriage has a bad day. Imagine that! lol Once I feel better, things will be better. We've made it through literally not being able to feed ourselves, so while I vent and get upset at times, it will all be OK. :-)