Monday, March 16, 2009

Lower Back Ache

For the past ~1 1/2 weeks I've been getting a dull ache in my lower back. I know what kidney pain feels like and it is in that same region, but I'm betting it's the adrenals! Kidney pain is usually much more severe, hurts to whack on it and typically follows a UTI with blood in the urine. I've had true kidney pain before and this isn't it.

In the morning before I get up for the day, this ache has been a common occurrence with me for years. In fact the back pain is usually what gets my butt OUT of bed! haha

However it is different now because the pain can be at any time. I've been trying to pinpoint exactly when it occurs and still haven't figured it out. It switches sides too!

In addition to this, the chest pain was back today. It was so sharp for about an hour and then went away. I thought it would continue throughout the day, but it's completely gone. Muscle pain doesn't go away like that! Especially when it hurts just sitting in a chair...

Somehow all of this, the itching, back ache and chest pains must be related.

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