Monday, March 16, 2009

Some Answers for the Labs

Well I had 2 of the most knowledgeable people online that I know give me their opinions on my lab results.

First off, the lab ranges Quest Diagnostics use are pathetic. The one lady suggest I get everything retested on Day 3 of my cycle at Labcorp or some other lab. I'm still thinking about what I will do. If I had known that Quest's lab ranges were so terrible, I would have gone to labcorp for these. Ugh...I feel like all the effort I put into this was for nothing. I don't want to pester Dr. Goldstein again AND my biggest fear is that the insurance company will deny it the 2nd time around! The blood work would have cost about $2500 out of pocket!

The lab ranges specifically for cortisol, ACTH, IGF-1 were awful. The one lady said that the IGF-1 result looks terrible, but with the really weird lab range she has no idea how to interpret it! My growth hormone is very low too, but I know some people say this isn't accurate because it goes out in pulses. Who knows. Considering I'm only 24 years old, it should be pretty high IMO.

Secondly, they both say that my results clearly indicated secondary adrenal insufficiency because of the low potassium, low sodium and low renin. My low aldosterone goes along with all of this.

Thirdly, serum cortisol is both free and bound so I can't compare saliva results to blood results. For some reason I have a lot of bound cortisol (which can't be used by the body) and a very small amount of free cortisol (that can be used by the body). One lady suggested testing Total & Free cortisol and CBG in the blood, but only Quest Diagnostics can do this! haha

The one lady asked me a bunch of questions, but I have yet to hear back from her. She was wondering why my saliva progesterone was so high and thought I was taking HRT for it! I had to set her straight on that.

Fourthly, regardless whether it is primary or secondary, I am definitely hypothyroid according to both women. No surprise there either, but I wish I understood why I go through weird cycles.

In addition to the lab results, today I went up 5 pounds now 130#. I couldn't even make this up! I ate about 800 calories, went for a short walk and yet up and up I go. At around 7:30PM I just about collapsed from fatigue. Obviously caloric intake has nothing to do with this weight gain, so I'm just going to eat whatever I want. Since my fasting glucose was kind of high, I didn't buy any sweets this week. I want to see how I feel without the chocolate! heh

I am itchy tonight and definitely didn't have any wheat, so I don't know what in the hell is going on. I might have to take a benadryl at this point so I can sleep. Zyrtec tends to keep me up for some reason.


Tony said...

Hi there. My wife Lynda has been diagnosed as having Aplastic Anaemia.
The main symptoms is an ever changing Blood picture. Mainly very low Platlets and Haemaglobin Levels.She shows some of the symptoms discribed in your blog.Recently we saw a Dop0ctor who maintains the the amalgem is the root cause of this idiopathic disease.
Mt question to you is. Have you ever experienced these drops in your Haemaglobin, WBC and platlet levals during your investingations prior to detox.Ever during your pre knowledge of Merc Poisoning. During the investigations re your pituritary Gland has there been these symptoms showing in your blood picture.Of course the medics are not interested to pursue this line as they really dont appear to no what the cause is and unless it has had aspecific reseach trail done they dismiss any questions with a rye smile. We feel quite strongly that the symptoms are endocrine in presentation and we are hoping to put the merc problem as a possible cause. love Tony

Birdlady said...

Hi Tony!

Sadly before all of this, I trusted my doctors when they told me my blood work was "fine" or "good" and I never took a look at my labs. Only when I started requesting them, did I see that my WBC were always on the low end of normal and I am at risk of developing iron-deficiency anemia. So for your first question, I really don't know. Most doctors don't take young adults very seriously when they go in with chronic problems! I started going to my docs at 18 with all these weird problems. I will say a lot of this started after being diagnosed with epstein barr virus. But that might just be a dysfunction of the immune system in the first place!

I developed mild neutropenia about 5 months ago, but my counts recovered on their own. The other blood counts have always been within normal range except for Eosinophils. Those have been high for at least 2-3 years.

I looked really quickly into what your wife has and it says that autoimmune disease can cause this. This condition also sounds rather serious! Anytime I see a disorder that may be caused by the immune system attacking the body, I immediately think of toxins. Has your wife ever been exposed to radiation, pesticides or any other type of nasty chemicals in her lifetime? Is it possible she was exposed to something at a workplace or in a house she lived in as a child. I saw that some prescription drugs are associated with the development of this condition too. That might be something to look into as well.

Sometimes these autoimmune diseases aren't triggered until later in life for whatever reason.

For me mercury & lead definitely caused an autoimmune response in my body and chelation has helped. However, my body is still attacking itself which is evident since my hair hasn't completely grown back. I still have hope though it will grow back once I get more of this mercury out of me.

If you have the financial means, I think removing the amalgams is a really good idea. You should find a dentist who understands that mercury is toxic. Make sure they use at least a rubber dam with suction and they should drill as little as possible. Unfortunately amalgam can hide under crowns, root canals, so if your wife has a lot of dental work, it could be extremely costly to have it all removed. If you can only afford 1-2 replacements a year, that's better than nothing. :-)

The other thing you should remember is that mercury toxicity affects people differently. Some people have more neurological problems. Mercury literally makes them go crazy. Others are affected in the endocrine system (pituitary/thyroid/adrenal). Then others are affected in their muscular system and they experience pain and difficulty walking almost like MS or fibromyalgia.

I hope that you can figure out what is causing your wife's problem whether it be mercury toxicity or something else.

God bless,

Tony said...

Hi there, Thankyou for replying. When one has a condition like this it seems that the patient or their loved ones need to get as much info and try to put it together.Lynda is going to get the merc out of her fillingsand has started a chelation course meantime.Will let you know of her progress. If you hear of anyone else with Merc poisoning with blood changes esp Platlets and WBC obviously suffering from Autoimmune disease can you let them know of our ernquiries.Logve you heaps Tony and Lynda

Birdlady said...

"Lynda is going to get the merc out of her fillingsand has started a chelation course meantime."

No you cannot do this. This is dangerous! Please, please read the section of my blog that says, "Mistakes people have made" on the left hand column.

When you chelate WITH amalgams in, you are pulling the mercury out of the amalgams and depositing it into the body. What she is doing right now will make things worse!

I think you need to educate yourself further on proper chelation techniques. My blog only recommends Dr. Andy Cutler's frequent dose chelation method and if you do any others, it's "at your own risk".

Buy his book because you are already making mistakes that could result in further damage.