Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Saliva Test Results Back

Yesterday the saliva test results came back and it is pretty interesting. Click on any picture to see it larger.

Feb '09 (new test)

Saliva Cortisol Chart
--This shows that my noon is the highest throughout the day, which is not normal. The morning value is supposed to be the highest, near the top of the range at 23. Then fall throughout the day. I was wondering if the blood draw from that morning made my cortisol higher at noon. I was turned away at the outpatient lab and had to go to the hospital. The lady there wasn't that good at finding my small veins. I definitely think it's a possibility, but why would it affect my result 3 1/2 hours later?

Sex Hormone Results
--Some people say saliva isn't a good indicator, but the crazy high progesterone is interesting considering I don't supplement with it. We'll have to see what the serum levels show. Look at the Luteal lab ranges.


imgeha said...

Hi Dana

You are the second person I have read about recently with high progesterone. I have this as well - but it is 'incredibly rare' according to my hormone doctor. This forum http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/HormonesandHealth-Naturally/
put it down to a gut infection, an idea which has some merit, I think. I have strong high progesterone symptoms in the luteal phase of my cycle, and have noticed that these diminish after using antifungals / probiotics for my gut. But the infection is well-entrenched, thanks to the mercury. Something else that I hope will balance itself as I chelate the mercury.... Good luck with the rest of your results.


Birdlady said...

Wow that is really strange. I searched google for a few hours the other night looking at what might cause a high progesterone and there isn't much out there!

Everything is about low progesterone or those who overdo the creams while supplementing. I'm still waiting to see what the serum levels say.