Thursday, December 4, 2008

Activated Quercetin For the Rash

The Activated Quercetin came in the mail earlier today (8am). I took one as soon as it came and I definitely noticed a difference in itching. Even my husband was like, you haven't been itchy much today! He didn't know I took one though, so that was somewhat funny. hehe

Right before bed, I started to get so itchy. I thought I was going to need to sleep on the couch, but decided to take the Quercetin. Well I think it may have helped a little. Last night was a really bad sleeping night for me. Remember last night for me was from 12noon-9pm. I woke up hot like 15 times, then I had to use the bathroom, then the cars outside woke me up. Needless to say in all the time I was actually awake I didn't feel itchy. Now this "morning" at 9pm those same spots started to become itchy again (near my butt, shoulder and back), so I popped a couple more. I'll see if my husband notices me NOT complaining about being itchy. I'll forget that I took it in a few hours. hahah!

The recommended dose on the bottle says to take 3-6 capsules daily divided up throughout the day, in between meals. I took 3 yesterday, so it is good to know that I could have doubled that!

If you have allergies (even seasonal allergies), I'd give this a try. We bought the Source Naturals brand because it also has a small amount of bromelain in it to help absorb it better. I saw that quercetin doesn't absorb very well in the stomach, so you need to aid it as much as possible.

On a totally unrelated note, I got new glasses yesterday and I am not happy with them. UGH...they don't fit the bridge of my nose AT ALL and I can't believe the lady didn't tell me this in the store. They are plastic so nothing can be done to them. They are soo big and they keep sliding down my nose. I can't STAND people who wear their glasses lower on their nose, so the top frame sits right at their eye level. I want to walk up to them and push their glasses up. Well with these glasses I've become one of those people. I doubt they will even take them back, but the lady we had the last time was retarded (no offense to the mentally handicapped). She didn't know how to use the computer, how to figure out the insurance and almost sold us the wrong pair of glasses/lenses! I should have run out of there then...

They talked me into getting a new frame when all I wanted was to have new lenses put into my old frames. "With your insurance it will cost about as much for new lenses in your frames than a new frame and lenses." That's what they kept telling me. New lenses would not have cost what I paid. Now I have $265 glasses I hate. My prescription is pretty high, so I have to get High Index lenses. Without it I can't see through them. I get headaches, nausea and a terrible distortion on my peripheral vision.

Later, I'll have to call them and see what can be done. I already looked and the company doesn't make the glasses in any other sized bridge but 17mm. There were no other frames that I liked at all. Everything was hideous or too big, which doesn't surprise me considering how small I am. Maybe I can get store credit which will apply to lenses or contact lenses. I can't wear these things or I'll be constantly pushing them up on my nose and that is annoying. If they sat further up on my bridge without falling down, I'd be so happy with them. They look nothing like what I've ever wore, which was what I was going for. Here is a picture of the frames.

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