Saturday, December 20, 2008

Upset Stomach

I woke up today and knew something wasn't quite right. Well a few hours after waking, I began to have diarrhea. Everything I eat is leaving me quickly...yikes! At one point I felt feverish, but checked it and it was "normal" at 98.5 I've been consistently running near 97 degrees for the week I've been checking. Maybe it is always like that!

Up until now, I didn't really feel like sitting up and being on the computer. The feverish, blah feeling has passed a little. I decided to write this up. Just more documenting...

I find the blog is incredible when it comes to a diary. If I can't remember when I started feeling sick, I usually say so on my blog. It really has helped me a lot because time flies by so quickly. What I thought was only 3 weeks ago is now 3 months ago!

I'm actually a little hungry. Not too sure what to eat. Maybe I'll just make myself a cup of hot water with Really Raw honey. That stuff is just simply amazing! They sell it in grocery stores now and I know for a fact Whole Foods sells it cheaper than what is listed on the website.

If you like honey, then you'll be completely delighted with this product.

If you aren't a big fan of eating honey, it can be used on cuts for a faster heal. Their website says it has anti-cancer properties, can be used as a facial wash, used on a dry scalp and is an excellent preservative. It never goes bad!

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