Thursday, December 4, 2008

First Labs Came Today

Well I got the first labs today in the mail from Goldstein. Thank you Goldstein!

There is some interesting things on here that honestly concern me even more...I have noticed that the lab references are a lot different at this new place. Some results say things are "normal" because the lab ranges are WAY too big. In other instances, the lab references seem too short. I don't understand why there could be such huge difference.

I've converted some of the numbers so that the numbers from the government site(s) match the numbers here.

WBC is 3,800 wbc/mcL Pretty Low
Neutrophil # 1.38 Very Low
Neutrophil % 36.9 Very Low
Eosinophil # 400 cell/mcL High
Eosinophil % 9.3 Very High

I have mild neutropenia which slightly increases your risk of infection. Is this from the DMSA? I must be very careful about who I am around and where I go. My body also has low WBC, so if I get some sort of illness I could find myself in the hospital. High eosinophils usually mean allergies, but I have had elevated eosinophils for over a year.

None of the doctors ever seem concerned including Goldstein. If he would have looked on my prior CBC's that I brought to him, he would see that it's ALWAYS been high. He put some notes on my paper saying that the rashes are from an allergic reaction.

Rather than give Butler Hospital's lab references which seem really outdated, I'll give you what our government recognizes as normal. (Oh my, I can't believe I'm looking at a .gov site for accuracy LOL. Remember this day because it will be the last!)
  • WBC normal references-4,500-10,000 white blood cells/mcL (cells per microliter) Some places say 3,500-10,000. I don't understand how there is such a huge difference.
  • Eosinophil normal count references-Less than 350 cells/mcL (cells per microliter)
  • Neutrophil normal count references-varies by website-Greater than ~1.50-7.50X10 9th power.
  • Eosinophil % references-varies by website-One range says 0-3%, another says 0-6%
  • Neutrophil % references-45%-70% of WBC
The previous lab showed I was low on their range when my WBC was 4,600. While this hospital says 3,800 is normal! Talk about a huge difference! Which one is right?

I guess I will call the doctor and forward these to her. Then she can compare them to the one I just had drawn the other day when those results come in.

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