Monday, December 29, 2008

Doctor's Visit Wednesday

I made an appointment for Wednesday with the doctor. Ugh...I'd rather avoid a visit to the ER, but if it gets really bad or persistent I will go. Today is probably one of the worst days I've had. Almost feels like a lump or something stuck in my chest. I can breathe just fine, but it's just a really weird feeling. Pepcid did absolutely nothing for the pain. It is radiating into my back more and more now.

I have a violin lesson today. I love playing my violin, but with all of this chest stuff going on I am finding it more of an annoyance. I am getting MUCH better at it though. This week I added in the pinky finger. OUCHY! I don't have a callus on it yet, so it's pretty painful and it is a huge stretch to reach the string.

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