Sunday, December 7, 2008

Trying Zyrtec

Darn it, I broke down and picked up some Zyrtec. I hate doing this, but my husband is right. I am not living life at all right now. Everything I do (or don't do) is because of the stupid itching skin/hives. All they had was the 10mg kind, but this is probably best. I took it a few hours ago and I'm still itchy. Hopefully though it is making it more bearable though.

Perhaps I'd be in full blown crazy itching if I hadn't taken it. We'll see how this goes and this way I can tell my doctor whether or not Zyrtec helps. I'm starting to think that Benadryl did nothing other than make me fall asleep. You have no way of knowing if you are itching if you are sleeping...I guess you could set up a camera to see if you scratch during the night, but that's a bit crazy.

Update: I am glad to say that the Zyrtec is working! It just took a few hours to kick in, but I feel great!! Seriously I forgot what it was like to not itch. haha!

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