Friday, December 12, 2008

Getting Thyroid Labs Redone

I spoke to Dr. Goldstein today about my ridiculously low TSH! He was also in agreement with me that something isn't right.

Back in the end of August, my TSH was 1.077. The ONLY thing that has changed since August is that I have had my amalgams out and started DMSA. My goodness I hope DMSA hasn't totally ruined my thyroid. My blood count recovered, so that is good. Phew...

I am getting EVERYTHING re-checked. T3, T4, TSH, antibodies etc. A complete work up of my thyroid rather than bits and pieces of information. Having all of this done will give Goldstein a complete picture. The PCP wanted me to get an ultrasound done because she was concerned that I have a goitre. A regular ultrasound is fine, but she wanted me to have a radioactive uptake test too. NO way in hell I am having one of those done. It destroys your thyroid. I told Goldstein about this and he also agrees with me on this. This is why I love this doctor. He has common sense. He told me to NEVER have one of those done because iodine isn't only found in the thyroid. It is in the breasts and basically part of the entire endocrine system. It isn't safe whatsoever. 10 points for Dr. Goldstein there. YAY!

Now I wait on the blood work paper from Dr. Goldstein to get it all done. If it still comes back low, then we can see what is going on from there. He said that my T4 doesn't match the low TSH at all. If I had true hyper, then my T4 would be through the roof. If I had a secondary hypothyroidism (pituitary problem) then my T4 would be low. He kind of laughed and said he had no idea what was up. I'm one of his most complex patients. He has told me this over and over. That's when I suggested that perhaps the lab result was a fluke or misinterpreted. Maybe someone messed up a decimal point?

The PCP has now completely dismissed the swollen lymph nodes. She said that they don't exist now that she found the low TSH (I am not making this up). Rather than cervical adenopathy, she feels it is a goitre. If my thyroid is so enlarged that it is reaching the collar bone area, then I am in serious trouble. You can't see the thyroid at all when looking at me. She also shrugged off the enlarged lymph node in my groin...I think that my time with this doctor is over. It took 5 days to finally get an answer and she didn't even respond to the swollen lymph node in the groin. They NEVER faxed me the results. If it wasn't for Goldstein's office, I still wouldn't have them! This office had their chance and it is time to move on. I'm not gonna burn bridges, but I'm just sort of irritated how they have handled everything.

I really want to get this lymph node in my groin checked, but have no idea where to go. Really concerns me how huge it is...

I stopped the iodine as soon as the rashes started, so I'm not sure what to do at the moment. I'm gonna wait to start back up on it until I get these new labs done. Then we can get a clearer picture of what is happening. All of this may be my pituitary finally sputtering out. I have been taking my medication for DI, so it hasn't been working recently.

Tonight I am drinking a beer (yep with elevated liver enzymes HAHA) to see if I can even do it. Woot Guiness! It has been at least 8 months since my last one and I couldn't even finish it. So far so good. I'm about 5 sips in and I have no pain or weird feelings. This is an experiment. :-) What a good experiment as long as the lymph node pain doesn't start...

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