Monday, December 15, 2008

ENT Appointment Is Scheduled

I have some good news today! My ENT appointment is this Wednesday! Holy cow. The lady on the phone was like, "how about the 17." I was like..."you mean this month as in like a few days from now?" "Yeah" My jaw dropped. I am glad that I was wrong on the time frame. Everything could potentially be resolved on Wednesday if he looks at the nodes and says nothing is wrong. Then again this could be the beginning of another nightmarish chapter.

I also told the PCP I won't do a radioactive iodine uptake test, but an ultrasound is fine. She said that is OK! Phew...

I visited my family today and had an itchy attack while I was there! YIKES. I immediately took a Zyrtec because I didn't know how bad it would become. The good thing is is that I'm not itchy tonight. The Zyrtec definitely works, but I hate taking it all the time. I forget how bad the itching is when I take it and I want to be able to explain to the doctor exactly how bad it is.

The blood work paper from Dr. Goldstein did not arrive today. Maybe tomorrow.

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