Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Bloodwork Results---Truly Unbelievable

I am sort of at a loss for words with these new blood work results. Something is just not right with me, but apparently no one knows...Right now I am pretty fuming, so please excuse any frustration in this post.

I actually got these results from Goldstein (I had the lab send them to him as well) because the other doctor's office I went to is NOT cooperating with me. I contacted them on Monday with no call back. I called them, Tuesday and Wednesday too. Finally someone called me, but the message was NOT relayed to the doctor (about the lymph nodes in my groin) and my blood work was NEVER faxed to me. What is with doctor offices these days? My goodness, if the doctor had taken 1 look at my results, I think she would have called.

As a reminder I had the following tests done:
CBC (no differential)
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)
CMV IgG AB (Titres)
Sed Rate (ESR)

CBC-All of my blood counts were normal...Wow what an improvement from 2 weeks ago where my white blood cell counts were 3,800. They were 4,900 this time. Unbelievable! There is no differential, so I do not know what my neutrophils or eosinophils are this time around.

CMP-Showed elevated liver enzymes at 60. Specifically the ALT. Now they aren't THAT high, but what in the world is causing this? I use no OTC pain relievers and I don't drink.

T4-8.9 This is in the reference range.

TSH-This one actually made my jaw drop........ 0.01 WTF! Holy shite, I went from Goldstein saying I may have slight hypothyroidism to super crazy hyperthyroidism? Or maybe it is my pituitary? I haven't taken iodine for about 4 weeks and I was only taking 1 tab a day. Even Goldstein says this amount is completely healthy and normal to take. The people in Japan consume more iodine than this in a single day... Once again, complete loss for words. What makes NO SENSE is that my T4 is normal. In true hyperthyroidism, T4 should be elevated too. I am thinking my pituitary has finally called it quits.

CMV Titres-No active CMV which includes EBV! Yay! This made me so happy. I am at 0.91 which is 0.01 away from saying I am completely NEGATIVE for antibodies. The fact that I had EBV and it is showing this low is amazing to me.

Potassium- Low at 3.5 What the hell is wrong with me. Why is my potassium always low...damnit I have made it a mission to get this higher too with NO luck whatsoever.

Sed Rate- Normal at 3. Range is 0-20.

Now I have no idea what is going on with me. /sigh These results truly make me even more frustrated and confused as to what's up. I may call Goldstein tomorrow to see if he'll look at these for me. The thyroid numbers are totally jacked. I may need to start taking Armour at this rate.


imgeha said...


these results suggest to me that chelation is having an effect, but is making things go haywire initially. If chelation is removing mercury atoms from hormone and enzyme binding receptor sites, then that could explain the crazy TSH result. That, plus the iodine, perhaps. I think I would drop the iodine until that has calmed down a bit. The elevated LFTs could be linked to the low TSH - thyroid activity has a big impact on the liver, and if it has been revving up your metabolism, then the liver would feel that. I would get more bloods done is say 4 weeks time, stay away from chelation for now, and try and rest and nourish your body a bit. How are the itching and lymph nodes?


Birdlady said...

I am a little concerned about it, but I spoke to Dr. Goldstein. We are getting everything re-checked. Part of me thinks the lab may have messed up. I don't have any symptoms of "hyper" and my basal temperatures have recently fallen again since I stopped taking iodine a few weeks ago. I went from 97ish back to the low 96's in the morning.

I have no information on the lymph nodes. The PCP is basically abandoning it even though she felt them around my collar bone and on my neck. She told me that something is seriously wrong with the thyroid and that's all she cares about. Ugh...Doesn't really make me feel any better though. Because this DOES NOT address the itching issue. Thank goodness for Zyrtec, but without it, I am a disaster.