Monday, December 8, 2008

Complete Break From Detoxing

If you are following my blog, I bet most of you have already assumed this. However, I am taking a complete break from all detoxing until everything else can be either ruled out or diagnosed. A little part of me is "missing" the detox, but my body needs a long break. I'll never know if the mild neutropenia was caused by the DMSA.

I now recommend everyone to get a full blood workup before starting the Cutler detox. You should have kidney, liver, thyroid and adrenal function checked, and a CBC with differential. Adrenal function is usually better tested with a saliva test. This way you have a good starting point. If you never get these done and then 3 months into the detox, your liver starts acting up, you won't know what caused what and may quit the detox indefinitely. Sometimes the liver, kidneys are working at just enough pace that they don't cause you problems until it is stressed more than normal. Detox is stress no matter how "gentle" of an approach you take.

This week I will be calling my doctor (today actually) to see what the results of the blood work were and where we go from here. I will definitely get them faxed over to me as well. I'd like to see an ENT to have him/her check my lymph nodes out. This is what they do on a regular basis, so they will have a better feel (pun intended) of what the lymph nodes should look like. I would like to have my groin lymph nodes examined too, but I don't think an ENT would do that.

All of this is so frustrating!

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