Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Itchiness Was Unbearable

The itchiness was totally unbearable yesterday. I was a little itchy throughout the day, but easily kept my mind on other things. Then all of sudden for absolutely no reason all hell broke loose.

It first started on my sides, then went to my back, then the spot on the back of my leg near the butt. Eventually just everything was itchy. I was shaking and screaming in agony because I couldn't do anything about it. The itching is so intense. Then once I started to scratch it, I started to break out in the "rash". Hives were popping up on my skin and the back of my leg was bright red from me rubbing it. Pictures at this point are worthless, so I haven't been taking any.

I drank a whole cup of strongly brewed coffee and decided to take a Benadryl. I thought the coffee would counter the drug. I was still itchy by the time the drowsiness kicked in. I can only assume the itching went away when I finally fell asleep around 3:30PM. I didn't last more than 30 minutes before the Benadryl kicked my butt.

I fell asleep at around 3:30PM yesterday and woke up around 1am. That's what Benadryl does to me! WTF that's 9 1/2 hours of sleep! I vaguely remember my husband saying, we need to fill the Zyrtec prescription. HAHA

This brings my use of Benadryl to ~5 in my whole life time. All of them being in the past 5-6 weeks. Something is seriously wrong.

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