Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Good News--More Questions

The visit with the ENT went great. He was very thorough and felt all of my lymph nodes. He said that everything was OK with them and he said there is no need to get a scan. He was probably one of the nicest doctors and person I've ever seen. He took the time to explain EVERYTHING and because of this I will I can move on to my thyroid issues.

The interesting thing was that he was more concerned about the diabetes insipidus. He was asking me a lot of questions about it and when I was diagnosed. When I told him I had an MRI that came back clear, he looked more relieved. I think the mercury is causing that one. Makes sense to me---didn't tell him that though haha!

Unfortunately I have no answer on why I am itching. Last night we went to the store and while there started to get itchy. My husband said my face was all blotchy...I fought through it and didn't take a zyrtec.

I am very relieved that my lymph nodes are normal. PHEW... I have the thyroid ultrasound scheduled this Friday to see what is up. If nothing comes back with this, I'll just start detoxing again.


Lizz said...

I haven't dug through your whole blog but if you been doing any sort of detox program especially regarding candida, it's probably "die-off"'ll find plenty of info doing a far as the beer goes, same thing...I can't drink anymore it makes me itch after two sips...doesn't matter what kind of alcohol...I think it's related to candida but haven't researched that enough...if your are detoxing, avoid sugar and alcohol as they only feed the candida...hope it helps!

Birdlady said...

The whole candida thing really puzzles me. I think it may be possible, but the websites that talk about candida are, how can I say this nicely, a little nuts.

Literally EVERYTHING is candida. I have a hard time swallowing it.

Lizz said...

No offense taken, I agree with you on most of the sites being wacky. All I've been able to piece together is that it's like the the other bacteria in you gut, there are "good" ones and "bad" ones...usually the bad is relative and only because it's too many of one kind. The best info I've ever found was by a guy named Dr, Jarvis who wrote about Apple Cider Vinegar in the 50's. Really interesting stuff. Anyways, hoping the itching isn't too bad and I wish you luck!

Birdlady said...

Thank you Lizz. I will definitely look into this.

The itching has been a little better, but I usually take a Zyrtec when I feel it coming on really strong.

My ENT said it could be thyroid related, so I'll have to wait and much waiting...