Saturday, December 27, 2008

Today Has Been Interesting

I was having a pretty bad achy, rolling type chest pain on the left side last night. Considering I am 24, I wasn't suspecting a heart attack. I prayed about it and asked God to tell me what to do in the morning.

Well I woke up with a UTI. HAH! ...and I went to one of those walk-in urgent care places to take care of that. I didn't want to have this all weekend! While there, I decided to tell them about my chest pain. Hey why not? I'm already here! God works in mysterious ways. I don't appreciate the UTI, but it did get me to the doctor....Well I ended up having a chest x-ray done. Doctor told me she didn't see anything out of the ordinary on it and didn't know why I was having the pain. I am not completely sure what she was looking for. Perhaps pneumonia or a cracked rib?

Right before we got home from the urgent care, I was seriously considering going to the ER. It started to get really bad. Went from my left side to my back near the shoulder blade then over to the right side. I've been sucking it up because I feel like I'm going crazy. I think I should have gone to the ER tonight, but we had been sitting in that urgent care for a LONG time tonight and really didn't feel like waiting another 6 hours in an ER. /sigh I'm sure it will hurt really bad again some time soon. All this bizarre weird shit has been happening to me and I am starting to feel like I have finally lost it...I'm not making all of this stuff up. These past few weeks have really just been pure hell for me.

The chest pain is basically all the time now. Doesn't matter if I am holding my breath or not. It goes through periods where it is REALLY bad and then it is tolerable. It isn't a sharp pain though. It gets very very achy. I can't even describe it properly.

The doctor at the urgent care told me a radiologist will look over the films and if they disagree with her analysis I will be called. I guess this is good. That way I know someone who is trained to look at these films is taking a glance at it. Maybe they will see something on here that the doctor didn't see? I took a glance at it and it looked like bones to me. HAHA

One good news is that my thyroid ultrasound came back completely clean. There aren't any nodules or cysts anywhere on it and it is the appropriate size. I bet this has that PCP really confused. Oh noes!

The doctor at the urgent care told me my urine's specific gravity was really really low...That's not good. She said it was as low as the machine detects...UGH. I guess I need to start taking my DI meds again. She asked me about it. DI is the only thing on my charts there.

It is really funny when I come into contact with doctors who KNOW what diabetes insipidus is. I can tell when a doctor has NO idea what it is. They try to hint things that would pertain to diabetes mellitus and I immediately have to step in and say, I have diabetes insipidus. One of these days if I am ever in an accident or something, I swear I'm going to be injected with insulin because some dumb doctor doesn't know what DI even is! That will be one fun malpractice lawsuit.

Onward with my DI story. Doctors who KNOW DI, start asking all about it like I'm some type of mystical unicorn or elf. She was wondering how they diagnosed me with it and I just told her I was having dehydration symptoms and couldn't figure out why since I was drinking water all the time. That was the easiest most precise answer I could think of and it satisfied her. :-) DI is pretty rare. Most PCP's will NEVER see a case of it during their entire career. I can thank the mercury poisoning for that one.

What's next? I see myself going to the ER this week. That's probably what is next.


imgeha said...


I have also had weird pains which I could not explain. One was in my heart, on the LHS, and felt muscular. It would hurt when I breathed in, and then it hurt all the time. I went to my doctor, who checked my heart, and pronounced it fine. I started taking high doses of COQ10 (300 mg), and it went almost straight away. It came back again recently, despite the COQ10, but it went by itself quite quickly. AFter being completely freaked by this pain, I have found out it is probably to do with my dysautonomia, which is related to my weak adrenals. My heart pounds every time I stand up, despite full adrenal hormone replacement. I have been reading on dysautonomia forums, and this pain is apparently some mismatch between the left and right heart chambers.

The other pain I had that freaked me was in my back, between my shoulder blades. It was pretty constant, so I went to the doctor, who checked my kidneys (which were fine) and did a very clumsy chiropractic manoeuvre on me (what a prat) and pronounced me fine. It was to do with low thyroid, and resolved on thyroid meds.

I don't know if any of this helps. You must be wondering what the hell is wrong with you. All I can say is that if you have adrenal / thyroid problems, they can cause all sorts of weird things. Before I was put on proper thyroid meds, I seemed to get new symptoms every day - it was a scary time.

Hope you don't end up in ER this week, and a happy New Year.


Birdlady said...

When the itchiness started, I stopped COQ10 because I saw it can cause rashes/itching. I'll take one today to see what happens! Thanks for the suggestion.

I thought it was muscle, but the fact that is isn't getting better worries me. I don' think it is my heart though. It went from a very very wincing sharp pain only when I exhaled to hurting (aching) all the time. Maybe it is still muscle? I dunno. The pain is moving from the left to the right side now. Then back and forth!

We were thinking I fractured a rib or something. Supposedly the chest x ray was clean. However it was SO insanely busy in that walk in urgent care that I really doubt the doctor studied it that carefully. I waited 45 minutes in the exam room for the doctor to even come in. It only took her 3 minutes to tell me the x ray was clean. That's doubtful imo. I'm going to call them in a few days to make sure it was checked by a radiologist. If I do have a fractured rib, then I know what is up.

I had an echocardiogram done many years ago. Everything was OK except for mild mitral valve prolapse. I looked into it and almost EVERYONE has MVP. Unless you are leaking blood through the valve it is healthy. MVP is blamed for a lot of symptoms, which I feel have nothing to do with MVP. Probably adrenal problems like you said.

I've been trying to figure out what is wrong with my thyroid for 2 weeks now. Looks like it is hyper (TSH at 0.01) at the moment, but the ultrasound shows no enlargement. Still waiting on the blood results. With Christmas, I haven't been called by any doctors yet. With the results showing hyper, I stopped all thyroid gland support.

I hope it's all nothing. Thank you so much for your input. It gives me something to think about!

Birdlady said...

I forgot to mention that I also wore a heart monitor for 5 weeks 2 summers ago.

Showed some crazy high heart rates (upwards of 150) a few PAC's and 2 multiformed PVC. I'm not even sure what that all means to be honest. When I did this test, it was before I was diagnosed with DI. I was probably extremely dehydrated and it was done in the middle of the summer.