Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Another Go At the ETA Scan

Author's Edit October 2014: Now that I am a born again Christian, I can no longer in good conscience tell anyone to use this machine. I believe these machines are New Age and are not compatible with belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. These machines supposedly read your frequencies and then you are given a solution that contains an energy signature or vital energy that will "heal" you. This is most definitely New Age and by partaking in something like this I believe, you are inviting in other spirits (demons) into your life and body. If it does work, then it is working by some sort of impersonal vital force which would be demonic. Stay away and save your money because it did nothing to help me and my health any way.

But one thing I can say is look how far God has brought me today. This alone is a testimony to the saving power of Jesus Christ!

Back in August, I went to the NutriFarmacy in Wildwood, PA and was "scanned" with the ETA scan. You can read all about that experience here. In fact, I recommend doing that before continuing. That way you know what the heck I'm talking about!

The parts of my body that were red and black at the previous visit were much better. However there are NEW areas of concern. My thyroid and pituitary energies improved drastically. There is still room for improvement, but overall it was better. Maybe giving up chocolate was a good thing...Although, I got truffles for Christmas and it's thrown me off. Darn you truffles!

Guess what came back mostly black? Lymph nodes and lymphocytes! I am not making this up at all. There was a scan of my whole body's lymph nodes and the place where I get pain while singing (right collarbone area), they were black! The others had good energy... We ran out of time (I spent an hour looking at other areas), but I am going back Monday to continue where we left off. I'm not sure what is in those lymph nodes to cause the low energy (could be emotional, toxins, pollutants, allergens or infections). Hopefully I can start off with that next time.

The machine was sensing Mononucleosis/EBV, but when we tried to boost it with the "energy", it did nothing. Dr. Wagner said something is mimicking mono in my lymphocytes. We don't know what that is, but that was very interesting.

Another scary thing was that he asked me if I had hit my head or had some sort of injury since the last time I came in. I told him nope. He said that some sort of convulsive disorder was showing up. It was a 3 on a scale of 7. Anything 4+ is usually a concern, but he was curious why that was showing up now and it wasn't the last time I was scanned. It was a little unnerving to say the least...

Overall things looked A LOT worse. More blacks and reds in my brain, back, stomach, spleen, and lymph. There was 1 scan in particular that looked absolutely horrific. ALL BLACK. I think it may have been the gallbladder, but I cannot be 100% sure. There were so many things like that, that I lost track...He said that my immune system is NOT doing good at all and that I may have some type of fungus. I don't really have any way of proving I do or don't, so I'm taking the homeopathic drops. I told him nothing about my blood work and the neutrophils being low at one point...How did the machine know this?

I guess now he sends out something that reviews everything he went over. Since it is so much information to swallow at once. Even for me, it is hard to remember everything and I pay very close attention to what is on the screen. I need to figure out which body part it was that was all black and go over that one in more detail.

I'll report back what I find out on Monday. Dr. Goldstein is off until Tuesday next week, so I won't know anything about blood work or the ultrasound until at LEAST then. I'm glad he is getting some time off. I once over head him saying a vacation back in July was his first vacation in years...wow.

Tonight I baked 4 dozen of organic snicker doodles, 1 dozen of organic chocolate chip cookies and 1 batch of organic brownies. Phew, thankfully these are getting unloaded to our families tomorrow. However I make the good cookies and brownies so I can have 1 or 2 if I want. If I make the poisonous Betty Crocker ones, I can't even enjoy them at all. (Edit: Look how insane I was poisonous betty crocker ones?!).


Robin said...

Hi birdlady,

How often are you going to get the scan. We have an appt coming up in Sept. and was told we'd need a follow up in 8 wks or so. Do you feel you are really being helped, or are you saying you have got worse since you started going. It is very interesting and I want to know all you are willing to share. thank you, bejoyfulnow

Birdlady said...

After 3 scans my faith in the machine is basically gone. The first scan was amazing. It said there was mercury in my pituitary, which I couldn't disagree with at all. Then the 2nd and 3rd scans were just a bunch of bologna. These weird contraptions are a great supplement to your health, but it should not be depended upon. You need a real doctor with blood work to truly see what is going on. It never showed anything was wrong with my eyes yet I had a vitreous detachment a few weeks back! It's not 100% or maybe not ever 50% accurate.

One day the machine said I had all these terrible problems and then 2-3 days later, it said everything was green energy. I did nothing to change the energy as the doctor did not have time to make the "water drops". So...how could I go from black energy in multiple spots in my body to all green? Even he was shocked by it. "Oh I guess you must be really healthy today..." Also it never showed any problems with my adrenal glands yet here I am on cortef and florinef for my adrenals.

There is so much information it would not surprise me if 5 doctors interpret the data differently from one another. I haven't gone back to the Dr. Wagner. There's just too much information for one to take in, in 30-45 minutes and since it's not exactly printer friendly you have to trust his interpretation! You cannot look over the results at a later date.

I haven't taken the drops at all and don't plan on it again. I've gotten worse since going just because my health is getting worse not because the machine or drops did something to me.