Monday, December 29, 2008

ETAscan is Bogus (Final Update)

Author's Edit, Oct 2014: I no longer in good conscience can tell people to use this machine. I believe there may be a New Age component to it. Stay away! It did not help me in any way. After 6+ years in Natural health, I have now laid everything down before the feet of Jesus, at the foot of the cross and have made Jesus my Lord and Savior of my life. I put my trust in Him for my healing because conventional doctors nor natural doctors nor New Age energy medicine can heal me.

Just so I can say I tried it, I took a Pepcid about an hour ago to see if my chest pain would go away. It is definitely still there, but I'm not sure how long it takes for Pepcid to kick in. I've never taken one before!

Today the chest pain is bad. Hurts when I laugh, breathe out and in. Just hurts sitting here too. I had really bad diarrhea yesterday and it is still here today. One crazy thing is that my blood pressure and heart rate is excellent. My heart rate was 60 when I checked it a little bit ago. 60! HOLY CRAP that's incredible!

The ETASCAN follow up was a complete bust. All of the information that was gathered last time was lost in a hard drive failure...I'll never know what organ or body part was all black. How disappointing indeed. It's important to add this here now... But how can the machine say I had all these terrible problems and then 2-3 days later, it said everything was green energy. I did nothing to change the energy as the doctor did not have time to make the "water drops". could I go from black energy in multiple spots in my body to all green?

It was this appointment that made me realize the whole thing is bogus. I do not recommend it at all and spiritually it may be dangerous too.

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